З Critical CSS Ваш сайт стане неймовірно швидким

Спростити оптимізацію Вашого сайту дозволяє Critical CSS. Його використання покращує продуктивність сайту, особливо на мобільних пристроях


You can speed up your website in no time!

Great website performance lowers bounce rates, increases conversions, improves SEO and scores in tools like Google’s Pagespeed Insights.

Generation in one step

To generate critical css, just enter your url. The service takes care of the rest.

Valodate your full confidence

Automated checks run together with screenshot validation for full confidence.

Keep up-to-date easily

Updated a web page? One click to re-generate the critical css.

Trial period available

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Fast generation

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Simple pricing

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You can speed up your website in no time!

Plans charged monthly or annually, starting from $2 per month



Features Free Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Trial period ok ok ok ok ok
Automatic validation ok ok ok ok ok
Unlimited domains ok ok ok ok ok
Manual integration ok ok ok ok ok
API access ok ok ok ok ok
Domains count 1 Unlimited 1 10 25
Price $0 $2 $6 $50 $100
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